About Me

Whilst many people already know me, my business and how I work there are many who don't. So here's an 'all about me' post for those who are new to Learning a New Way. Or rather, a 'all the things people want to know about me' paragraph.

Firstly the important stuff

โœ…  I am a qualified teacher and Relax Kids Coach and have taught in schools for many years. And I have all the required insurance and an enhanced DBS covering me to work with children and adults on the update service (so it's rechecked every year).

โœ… I offer maths and phonics support to primary aged children, and maths support to secondary age. Either in-person or via Zoom.

Now for the less important in some ways, but actually so-much-more important in other ways stuff!

๐ŸŒŸ I'm not what most people would consider a conventional tutor. I see myself as more of a learning facilitator, doing all the things that your child's teacher wishes they had time to do with your child in a 1:1 situation. ๐ŸŒŸ 

โœ… My aim is to provide informal, fun learning opportunities that help your child understand the basics of what's going on, so they have firm foundations on which to build and grow in confidence. 

โŒI am not, and nor will I ever be a SATs 'coach' or someone who will teach your child how to pass a test.

โŒI do not set homework (I occasionally offer extra work to GCSE students but only if they want it and have time to do it).

โŒ I do not do tests of any kind with children. I don't believe children need any of the statutory tests they have to do at primary school and will continue to spread the word about it (refer to More Than A Score for more info)

โœ… I quickly understand the areas that your child needs support and work to strengthen these. Each session is planned but flexible.

โžก If we need to spend 8 lessons on one particular area because they don't understand, we will.

โžก If we need to recap everything each lesson, we will.

โžก We will use as many concrete objects as necessary to help children understand the abstract concepts whether this is the way school do it or not.

โžก If we need to completely abandon the planned lesson and cover something that's come up in their school day, we will.

All I want is to be able to help you child feel more confident and help ease some of the pressure they feel on a daily basis trying to keep up with others. And to encourage a love of learning, rather than loathing and fear of it. ๐Ÿงก